We don't believe in a "Lone Ranger" approach to cyber security. We don't expect to gallop in on a horse, throw out the "cyber security protection" and gallop off into the sunset, and neither should you. If you are serious about security you will want to know roughly where you are today, where you are in comparison to your competitors, and how to get from your present position to a much more secure security posture.

Small Business Profiles

We work with small businesses with 6 employees to mid-sized firms with 100 employees. We classify firms with fewer than 6 employees as Single Office/Home office (SOHO) companies. We do have services to support SOHO companies depending on how they manage their infrastructure.

Analysis Paralysis

It is difficult knowing where to start and what should be done and that's where we can help. The Constant Query structured program begins with the basics, a risk assessment of where you are today, identification of areas that need to be corrected from immediate/critical through low or no impact, and a corrective action plan for how and why the identified risks should be addressed.

We help you create or update incident response and communications plans

We provide team building exercises and training so that if an incident occurs, you know how to respond and stop the attacks