Constant Query provides cybersecurity planning, training, and advice to small businesses. Small businesses have the same security needs as larger firms, with an increasingly higher probability of experiencing a targeted attack.

We are not contractors and are not the company to call when you need to fix or upgrade a computer or your network. You can call us for advice and to leverage our expertise to help you create or review your computer and network security or migration and upgrade plans.

You can call us if you need a security risk assessment or an evaluation of your security posture through vulnerability or penetration testing.

Sometimes it helps to have another perspective on the security you need to secure your business, how to leverage your current technology to meet new business challenges, or to ensure compliance with new legal or regulatory requirements. Constant Query is here to help you create or revise your Information Security plans. We provide vendor-agnostic advice free of conflict because we provide consultation, not contracting solutions.

We take pride in helping companies manage and improve their business and technology cyber security investment. We can deliver the advice and training necessary for you to achieve your strategic objectives.
If you are new to cybersecurity, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our links to the external resources section and our blog posts for basic information and then contact us when you need a partner.

Why Us


Confidentiality means protecting your non-public information from unauthorized access. You decide who is authorized to access the information and under what conditions. You are not going to open up your financial data or your clients private information, to everyone with an Internet connection.

Failure to maintain confidentiality means that the above scenario is exactly what can happen. We read about this kind of failure, called a breach, unfortunately, quite regularly with breaches involving millions of records exposing everything from social security numbers, medical records and sensitive financial information.

A breach, in an overwhelming number of incidents, cannot be remedied. Secrets once revealed cannot be taken back and if your organization is the source of the breach you may face legal, regulatory, financial and reputation loss. While we read about the large company breaches, the truth is most breaches come from small business and many small businesses that experience a breach do not recover.

programs can help you improve and maintain the confidentiality of your information.


Integrity, or in this context, data integrity, refers to the accuracy and validity of data that you manage. Corrupt or compromised data has no value but can be costly and and dangerous to the organization depending on it. Data integrity can be compromised in several ways. Each time data is copied or transferred, presents an opportunity for unintentional or unauthorized alteration. Maintaining data integrity is a core focus of any cyber security framework. Processes should be in place to encrypt data-at-rest and data-in-motion to prevent theft and tampering. Access controls should be in place to prevent unauthorized access to data and the data itself should be classified so that resources can be appropriately allocated to protect data as required.

programs can help with assessment and improvement of your overall cyber security posture and data integrity. Constant Query can help you create or review your Data Classification and Data Mapping policies and procedures.

Availability [Quam lorem ipsum]

Availability means that your systems and information are available for use whenever you need them.