Dale Tribute

Saturday July 19th, 2014, not a particularly memorable day except we had to say goodbye to a friend that grew over 15 years from a little puppy to a big one, technically at 15 a senior citizen in dog years she was always up for a walk or a treat to the end. Melanie Lawrence wrote the following - no way I can say it better. … ..........more

Startup post

This year has gone by really quickly. It's the last day of June and this is my first post for the year. I'm going to try and post more frequently but it's been really busy. The blog has changed hosting locations a couple of times in the past year even without posts. I moved it once from one virtual Rackspace environment to another when I upgraded the O/S and then again a few months ago, moving from a Wordpress blog on Rackspace to a Wordpress blog on DigitalOcean. Finally, I've just moved from a Wordpress blog on DigitalOcean to running as a Ghost blog on DigitalOcean. Rackspace was taking too much time blocking IP addresses mostly from China, but increasingly from other Rackspace addresses. I didn't subscribe to their (expensive) managed services, but I felt that Rackspace should have done a better job blocking and cleaning up their systems and when I started to get hack attempts from other Rackspace provided addresses, one of which did break into my (outgoing) email server I had enough. I figured it was time to look around, found DigitalOcean with their virtual servers, SSD drives, costing significantly less per month for hosting and… ..........more

OneWire revisited

This is an update to my earlier post about OneWire. One immediate differentiator between Onewire and LinkedIn is the depth of information that you provide and the level of control that you have over who gets to see that information. In the LiknedIn model you provide the details, but unless you pay for premium upgrade status you don't get any specific information about who is viewing your profile information and there is no option to block viewing by particular companies. For example I want all of my information permanently blocked from viewing or searching by The Ladders and Six Figure Jobs (even if they do partner with LinkedIN). The Process Confidentiality and Privacy No one sees your profile unless you grant them permission. Precise Matching Be matched precisely to finance job opportunities that meet your goals and experiences. Referral Rewards You complete detailed information on Education and Work Experience. Warning - be prepared to spend some time and probably a visit or two completing this if you have a lot of professional experience and/or have worked at an organization for a number of years with different (hopefully increasing) levels of responsibility. Onewire will have you fill out sections for… ..........more